Pforzheim, Germany

The town once was known as the most beautiful in Southern Germany,
but in war it was almost completely destroyed and what was built 
at the conclusion of the war was highly unattractive. There are 
still beautiful buildings and places,three (!) rivers and a 
wonderful surrounding that invites to be discovered.
Map of Germany

Map of Germany

The City of Pforzheim is southwestern Germany on the northern edge of the Black Forest where the Nagold and Würm rivers join the Enz, northwest of Stuttgart. It is sometimes known asb “three-valleys town” or the “Gateway to the Black Forest due to its location.


One response to “Pforzheim, Germany

  1. Manfred Hecker

    Beutiful Place ,Can Remember it well, as i lived there as a child ( 1956 or so ?), and have very happy memories. . Manfred Hecker

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