Pforzheim, Germany



Pforzheim is the door to the Black forest. It is the perfect place to take long walks and explore the surrounding area while you are visiting the city. The forest is beautiful and along the rivers you can walk or bicycle.
The town is situated in the middle between Stutgart and Karlsruhe, both bigger cities, that are worth a day trip .


Map of Black Forest in Germany

Middle of the Black Forest


In Dillweissenstein you will find a really lovely public swimming pool that is directly by the river. If you like to swim in the summer it would be a fantastic place to stop off.

Swimming Pool

Pforzehim has a history in jewellery, which has extended to modern day in both the school for goldsmiths and adjunct design school. The Jewellery museum is a one of the logical Must See destinations for this historical city. The museums’ collection ranges from ancient to contemporary but they all have one thing in common they are beautiful and priceless.





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