Pforzheim, Germany – MUST EAT

Here are some typical dishes to try while in Pforzheim, Germany.

Kässpätzle: They are a type of egg noodle or small dumpling found in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. This food is generally made with just a few ingredients including flour, salt, and eggs though in some dishes nutmeg, dill or caraway is added.

We highly recommend trying it with grated cheese, frankfurter-style sausages, or fresh cherries and butter for a dessert.

Spatzle dish

Spatzle dish

Maultaschen: This dish is a traditional Swabian (Baden-Wurttemburg region) specialty that is rumored to be invented by monks on the Maulbronn Monastery.  It looks very much like Italian ravioli, only larger.

It is a square shaped pasta dough typically filled with minced meat, spinach, bread crumbs, and spices. They often pan fried, simmered in veggie broth, or dressed with butter and onions.





2 responses to “Pforzheim, Germany – MUST EAT

  1. That first dish sounds really good!

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