Pforzheim, Germany


"Das Lamm" is my absolute favorite restaurant. 
It is in a small village near Pfzorheim called Zainen. 
The owners are former teachers and opened nearly 20 years ago. 
The ambiance is intimate and comfortable with sofas and extra 
tables in a separate room where you can relax after dinner or 
drink a quick cup of coffee. They offer a menu that changes 
weekly with two or three starters, three entrees (one is always 
vegetarian), and one dessert. You can be sure there will always be 
          something on the menu to eat!




Lamm Interior
Lamm Interior

 Konsumat is a  bar, design shop and exhibition place all in one. Also on every first Saturday of each month you can get a fab menu from Mama Christa Deluxe.

Konsumat Interior

Konsumat Interior


Konsumat Bar

Konsumat Bar




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