Eastern Hemisphere – SANDWICHES

I was hard to decide where on earth to start, so I went with a crowd pleaser: sandwiches. Not just any sandwich, but Vietnamese sandwiches. I’d never had one until I moved here, but once I tried them it became a summer weekend tradition for my boyfriend and I to walk to Chinatown and eat them for lunch.

What the Vietnamese sandwich consists of is meat- which can be pork (the classic option, usually comes with a few different kinds), chicken, or a vegetarian option if one is available – like mushrooms or fake meat – mayo, sliced cucumbers, pickled carrots, cilantro, and hot peppers – all stuffed in a toasted baguette. Besides being delicious, they are so, so cheap.

I live in the Lower East Side, and I have three favorite places that are near me, in order of how much I love them:



  1. Banh Mi Saigon Bakery is a tiny shop hidden behind a jewelry-store front that you may not even notice unless you went inside. This is my favorite place simply because it is the most delicious. Roughly $4 for a sandwich the size of my forearm.
    138 Mott St., nr. Grand St.
  2. Nicky’s Vietnamese Sandwiches is a fantastic place because it’s two blocks from my apartment, the people who work there are super friendly, and (best part) they deliver. They also have a Brooklyn location, but I haven’t been. $5
    150 E. 2nd St., nr. Ave. A
  3. Viet-Nam Banh Mi So 1 was the first Vietnamese sandwich I ever had, back when I was a vegetarian. I love this place because of it’s vegetarian options: amazing fake chicken (I recommend the curry flavor), or just veggies if you’re not into faux-meat. If you’re a meat eater, the real meat is good as well, but you can walk right down the street to Bánh Mì Saigon for a better sandwich. Bonus is that they sell Stewart’s soda, which I’m a sucker for. $5
    150 E. 2nd St., nr. Ave. A

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