Eastern Hemisphere – Souvenir Spots

When people come to visit me in New York, I try to think of the most unique places to take them to, especially stores to bring something back with them, because we all know souvenirs are often the best part of vacations!



While New York has a lot of antique stores, nothing has come close to the incredibly unique, and often eerie finds you’ll come across at Obscura Antiques on 10th St in the East Village. Full of things that may haunt you later on or make the perfect addition to your mantle, I guarantee you cannot leave this store without saying, “whoa”. On my last visit I came across jars of real teeth from an ancient dentist’s office, taxidermy animals of all sizes, and lesser creepy things like old milk crates, figurines,
and photos. It’s worth a visit just for it’s museum-like feel.

Evolution Store

Evolution Store

A similar store that I love is Evolution on Spring St in Soho. A self described “natural history collectible” store, Evolution’s shelves and glass cases are lined with full skeletons, bones, shells, bugs, gems, antlers, and everything in between. I love their collection of posters, coral, and their excellent gifts – especially if you know any young kids who would get a kick out of things like insect lollipops and fossils.

Obscura Antiques: 280 East 10th Street
Evolution: 120 Spring Street

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