Eastern Hemisphere – Why you should head to Queens today!

This weekend I thought I’d focus on an often over looked awesome part of NY: Queens, and two reasons to head to the fabulous borough (I hope to bring you more eventually). It’s the most culturally diverse part of New York, and the most diverse parts of America. I love it for it’s little pockets of cultural neighborhoods, and it’s laid-back more residential feel.

P.S 1

P.S 1

The first reason to go to Queens is the absolute best museum in NYC: PS1 Contemporary Art Center. An affiliate of MoMA, PS1 is housed in an old school building and has about 3 floors of amazing contemporary art. I’ve never seen a bad show here before, there’s always something amazing. In the summertime they host a concert series, Warm Up, with lots of music and dancing. In the Fall and Winter you can experience one of James Turrell’s permanent “skyspace” installations (swoon), Meeting.
22-25 Jackson Ave at the intersection of 46th Ave
Long Island City, NY 11101
(718) 784-2084

Bonus: While you’re in the area, it’s hard to miss the giant graffiti-covered building across the street, Five Pointz. A commercial factory building almost entirely covered in graffiti, it’s free for anyone to paint (with prior approval and direction from the coordinator there), and you can spend an eternity walking around looking at it all.


One response to “Eastern Hemisphere – Why you should head to Queens today!

  1. these are two great places and so easy to get to on the subway.

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