Western Hemisphere – Haight St, San Francisco

Haight Street, San Francisco
Once a street inhabited by peace loving hippies, today Haight Street has become one of the most sought-after areas in San Francisco for real estate, while continuing to maintain the eclectic and indie feeling of its past.  While you can still find plenty of shops to bring you back to the days of free love and roach clips, Haight has added a new generation of indie stores and restaurants to keep the good feelings alive.




To simply call Doe a clothing store would be an insult. This Haight Street gem, which seems to be made for Truant readers, somehow manages to fit department store variety into boutique store dimensions, while providing customers with purchases that can’t be found many other places.
Not only does Doe carry women’s clothing and accessories, it also provides it’s diverse and cultured clientele with finds from all over the globe, such as  paper goods from Korea, handbags from France, and housewares from Japan.  If you have yet to trot the globe, you will leave Doe feeling the urge to put stamps in your passport… or severely dent your bank account.
In addition to the wide range of products that Doe creatively displays in its old Victorian store-front, many local artists display their craft within its walls. Seasonal art shows have displayed custom jewelry, handcrafted clothing, and wall murals. And like the good local indie shop that Doe is, it was only right to support Bay Area designers such as Rebecca Beeson, Talla, Modaspia, and She-Bible.

629a haight street,
san francisco, ca 94117
(415) 558-8588


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