Ka‘iwi Scenic Shoreline | Kalani‘anaole Highway

Sure there’s the marked trail that takes you on a hike to some spectacular aerial views. But what most people won’t tell you is that there is another path that leads you to a secret beach. At the request of many of my local friends, I won’t give away too much besides these two pictures and two tips.


Tip 1: The trail is off to the right of the parking lot.


Tip 2: If you get to the black sand, you’re almost there.

Diamond Head Lookout | Diamond Head Road

Diamond Head
Diamond Head

After a run around Kapi‘olani Park, I love walking up to this lookout to catch my breath. The seemingly endless Pacific Ocean paired with the gentle tradewinds is incredibly soothing – I could sit here for hours!


The lookout at sunset is also not to be missed. And this place isn’t hard to find, if you’re coming from Waikiki, just drive up Diamond Head Road and look for people gawking.



If you visit Hawai‘i during the winter, when the waves on the North Shore reach its peak, be sure to drive down to Pipeline and check it out!


There are lots of places to see, eat and shop at in this surf town, so stay the whole day!


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