Western Hemisphere – La Jolla, California

If you want to revamp your current style or just get new ideas on how to pair current items in your wardrobe, the LF store is the place to go. With tops, pants, leg warmers, scarves, tights, belts and more shoved into every square inch of the store, it is up to the shopper to spot the best items. The set up of the store has a carelessly fabulous spirit, reminiscent of style makers like Nicole Richie.
While the price tags can make your eyes bulge, having you run to the nearest H&M, the one-of-a-kind dresses, blouses, and shoes from European up-and-coming designers will have you longing for a bigger closet.
The whimsical elephant print rain booties, plethora of ruffled plaid blouses, and perfectly haphazard ensembles on the mannequins are worth the trip to LF stores. If you aren’t in driving range to the La Jolla or Laguna Beach shops, hop on the internet and check out the LF website where you can load up on outfit ideas.




One response to “Western Hemisphere – La Jolla, California

  1. thanks for this post! i recently moved to san diego from the la area, and have still yet to find places to shop!~

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