Stockholm – The Must List

Three things you should buy when you’re in Stockholm.

Coffee – my preference is the Zoega Skånerost or Mollbergs blandning

Crisp bread – Vikabröd is always reliable and they now have a new delicatessen crisp bread exquisitely packed.
And something sweet – punchrulle from Delicato

Must eat & drink

All year round – and especially on a Thursday – you should eat pea soup with mustard, and to drink a small glass of warm punsch (a traditional liqueur in Sweden, but this is the only time you warm it) and for dessert pancakes with lingon berry jam, mmm…

Packing List

A few things you should bring with you to Stockholm this time of year.

  • Sunglasses – if you’re lucky the sun is shining and this time of year it is very sharp.
  • Wool underwear – stockings, warm socks, ti-shirts and a good pair of walking boots.
  • At the moment the krona is a little weak, but otherwise Stockholm is considered a rather pricey town so bring enough money!

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