Western Hemisphere – LA Artsy Shopping Center

Space 15 Twenty

While I am usually not a fan of the recycled-chic architecture that has become so popular for trendy commercial structures, Space 15 Twenty manages to create an environment that gives even cement walls and bare pipes character.
Urban Outfitters, which played the main role in the artistic formation of this Space, provides the on-trend goods that we have all come to expect, while creating boutique-style unique displays, separating it from the rest of the chain.
This half-block center is also home to urban shoe store, Alife, which displays a huge porcelain urinal, filled with custom sneakers, Hennessey & Ingalls art and architecture bookstore, and an art gallery, displaying local artists.
During the week there are live bands and other events in the courtyard.
If you are on trendiness overload, walk a few blocks in any direction and you will be satisfied: Amoeba Records, The Beauty Bar, and music venues The Box and The Palladium are nearby.

What Comes Around Goes Around
An offshoot from its New York based central store, What Comes Around Goes Around provides Space 15 Twenty with the eclectic, one-of-a-kind feel that mass-produced Urban may lack. Aged and distressed wooden floors, weathered leather suitcases, and antique light fixtures give the store a luxuriously rich feel, and provide the perfect backdrop for the vintage and vintage-inspired clothing. Expect to pay much more than at your local Buffalo Exchange, but when you buy a pair of buttery-leather boots that you MUST wear out of the store, it’s worth it.

What Goes around Comes Around

What Goes around Comes Around

Ignore the moody chicks with over-sized sunglasses who haven’t eaten in a few days and head over to the Snackbar for a satisfying lunch. With everything on the menu under $14 you will feel better about the leather boots you just bought. There’s a great selection of warm, toasty pressed sandwiches, and other “snack foods” made into meals. Best of all, when waiting to get your eat on, you can nibble on a cinnamon glazed popcorn while people watching- and trust me, there is some good people watching.

1520 N Cahuenga Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028


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