Cleveland, Ohio – To Do List


Cleveland is a much stronger music town. Consider:

Pere Ubu

Rocket From The Tombs

Dead Boys

The Mice

Bill Fox

And if you include Akron (which is 45 minutes south of Cleveland) you can add The Black Keys, Devo and Chrissie Hynde. Good stuff.


Cleveland is a great place for food. It’s hard to pass up a bowl of pho noodle soup at either #1 Pho or Pho Hoa, a steamed barbecue bun from KoKo Bakery, the hash browns at the West Side Market Cafe, a pastrami sandwich from Superior Deli, a cup of soup and a hunk of fresh bread from The Souper Market, the chunky handmade chocolate bars from Lilly’s, the insanely good Lolita happy-hour burger or a chili cheese dog at 2 AM from Steve’s Lunch, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

It’s also mandatory to knock back a cold one at a neighborhood bar. My favorite one on the east side is Mitzi’s (a.k.a. Jermans). If I am on the west side, I hit Now That’s Class.


Cleveland has all four seasons – a hot summer, a chilly winter, and a brief (but lovely) fall and spring. What you will need to pack will depend on when you visit, but I would make sure to bring tough boots (in case you want to climb around crumbling warehouses photographing the ugly beautiful urban decay – one of my favorite past-times) and a jacket that can withstand any weather. Layers are a good idea – a sweater for over air-conditioned places in summer or sudden winter freezes and a long scarf that can double as a shawl. Most of the more interesting places to eat, drink and visit in the Cleve are pretty casual, so you can get pretty far with a good pair of jeans and a cute pair of flats, but I always like to have something a little dressy on hand for shopping expeditions or just in case I feel like making my dinner an occasion.

I would also plan on renting a car – the public transit is adequate but not time-efficient, and taxis are hard to come by. Cleveland is not densely developed anymore – little pockets of cool things are scattered like an archipelago across the city, and even if you are a champion urban walker, you will be hard-pressed to get from place to place. It’s not a terribly difficult city to navigate by car, but you will want to get a good map. If you happen to visit in nicer weather, a bike is a good option – the Ohio City Bike Co-op rents some of their fleet.


4 responses to “Cleveland, Ohio – To Do List

  1. I love these clothing articles you’ve pulled together! Can you tell me where things are from? (back pack, boots, bottom right hand striped sweater/dress?

  2. Thanks for pulling the Cleve together in a fun way. I enjoyed the series, well done!

  3. this makes me want to visit cleveland! i’ve never been but think i should take a tiny drive out there. that set is i think what won me over. x

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