Meet Amy


Hi, my name is Amy Korngiebel. I’m a freelance television producer and a native Angeleno. I live in Los Feliz, an eclectic and friendly neighborhood situated between Hollywood and Downtown. Some of the things I love about Los Angeles: 87 neighborhoods, each with a distinct personality; the ocean; 2 hours to Big Bear; 2 hours to Joshua Tree; a spectacular variety of movie theaters, music venues and art galleries; the best Mexican food you can find.

3 responses to “Meet Amy

  1. nice round up amy!!!

  2. I’ll be totally honest…there was a time I didn’t like LA…I was more of a San Francisco girl, or so I thought. My older sister went to school in Pasadena (at Caltech), and apon my many visits…I still didn’t LOVE it….then my best friend moved to Long Beach….and I started visiting him as well as the LA area twice more a year for work, and finally my little sister moved to downtown LA to go to school at FIDM…..and a few more visits… I LOVE LA. Maybe it’s the time we spend people watching in Venice Beach, maybe it’s the surreal world (and seemingly a world away) of the fashion district, maybe it’s the crazy fun nights we’ve had on hollywood blvd (and near arrest, but that’s a story for another time, lol), maybe it’s laughing at and with a friend who moved there to be “an actor”, maybe it’s the warmth nearly year round (which certainly can’t be said for my native chicago or now home, Minnesota), or maybe it’s just the realization that REAL people REALLY DO live there—not just celebrities, and douchebags. Anyway, my point is, I love LA….so much, I haven’t been to SF in years. šŸ™‚

  3. I think all northern californians dislike So Cal by default. I did too until I moved there, now I think its great.
    My wife and I were just talking yesterday about all of LAs merits. I miss the Mexican food!

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