Cleveland, Ohio


University Circle
Located on the east side of the city, University Circle is Cleveland’s cultural hub. It’s anchored by our two civic buildings, the Cleveland Museum of Art and Severance Hall (home of the world-famous Cleveland Orchestra) – both are mandatory stops, but once those obligations are fulfilled, try some mid-day stargazing at the Nathan and Fannye Shafran Planetarium and then find a student recital at the Cleveland Institute of Music’s Mixon Hall. It’s a chance to hear some of the most talented music students in the world playing their hearts out for free in an incredibly lovely space.


The West Side Market
Anyone who knows anything about Cleveland will tell you to go to the West Side Market, and with good reason; it is the heart of the city. Saturday mornings are the best time to go if you want to people-watch – a cross-section of the city turns out to shop and haggle with their favorite vendors. If you have sharp eyes and get there early, you can spot local chefs buying for their restaurants. As for me, I’d grab a snack (I’m partial to the soft pretzel in the shape of mice at Vera’s Bakery) and head to the upper deck, where you can watch the hustle and bustle below. Once you get good and hungry, head to the West Side Market Cafe – the Market Breakfast is only $2.50, and includes killer hash browns.

At the corner of W. 25th and Lorain
Monday & Wednesday: 7am – 4pm
Friday & Saturday: 7am – 6pm


Beachland Ballroom
I love catching a show here because it reminds me of the multipurpose gymnasium in my middle school. The ballroom is located in a re purposed workman’s hall, complete with wacky murals and a disco ball, and a steady stream of interesting punk, rock, indie, and Americana acts play there. Smaller bands play gigs in the attached tavern, and on Sundays, you can stop by for rock and roll brunch.


Looking for People in Portland ,OR

We are starting the Portland issue of Truant Magazine, know anyone who is interested or are you interested in being involved Please let me know..

Cleveland, Ohio

stay-truant-icons111Glendennis House
If you like your vacation spots homey and cozy, this is the place for you. Located in a National Historic Landmark home in Ohio City, a neighborhood on Cleveland’s near-west side, Glendennis House offers a private four-room suite for one group of guests at a time. They offer parking on site, and an organic breakfast brought to your room every morning. It’s within walking distance of the West Side Market, and a slew of great restaurants. Best of all, it’s on Bridge Avenue, one of the most charming residential streets in the city.
Glendennis Bed and Breakfast
2808 Bridge Avenue, Cleveland,Ohio 44113-3014
Phone: 216.589.0663

Glendennis House

Glendennis House

Glidden House

When I was in college, I used to walk by Glidden House and dream of staying there. Located in a 1910 brick and stone mansion, it’s a reminder that Cleveland was once the home of Rockefellers and other captains of industry. The location is prime, within walking distance of University Circle and Little Italy, and across the street from Cleveland’s Frank Gehry building. I’d recommend booking one of the vintage suites located in the historic part of the building – the Francis Harrington Suite has a working fireplace, perfect for chilly winter nights.

1901 Ford Drive, Cleveland , Ohio  44106
Phone: 866-812-4537 | Fax: 216-231-2130

Glidden House

Glidden House

Hyatt Regency Cleveland at The Arcade
If need to stay at a national chain, this is the one to pick. The Hyatt Regency Cleveland is located in The Grand Arcade, a five-story atrium that connects Superior and Euclid Avenues. When it was built as a connector for two office buildings in 1890, it was the largest atrium in the world and it was modeled after the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan. It’s still one of the more spectacular public spaces in the city.

Hyatt Regency Cleveland at The Arcade
420 Superior Avenue,
Cleveland, Ohio, USA 44114
Telephone: 216.575.1234


Cleveland, Ohio

Thank you so much Karin for showing has around Stockholm last week. We are stopping off in Cleveland, Ohio with Stephanie from Even Cleveland who has discovered some fantastic places to see if you are passing through this find Ohio City.



Meet Stephanie:

My name is Stephanie Madewell and I am a freelance writer and maker of things. I was a liberal arts omnivore in college, and now I work on creative projects great and small – everything from custom invitations to theatrical sets to copywriting. For the past nine years, I have lived in the city of Cleveland with my red-headed husband the urban planner and my friendly yellow dog, Nora.


Western Hemisphere – LA Artsy Shopping Center

Space 15 Twenty

While I am usually not a fan of the recycled-chic architecture that has become so popular for trendy commercial structures, Space 15 Twenty manages to create an environment that gives even cement walls and bare pipes character.
Urban Outfitters, which played the main role in the artistic formation of this Space, provides the on-trend goods that we have all come to expect, while creating boutique-style unique displays, separating it from the rest of the chain.
This half-block center is also home to urban shoe store, Alife, which displays a huge porcelain urinal, filled with custom sneakers, Hennessey & Ingalls art and architecture bookstore, and an art gallery, displaying local artists.
During the week there are live bands and other events in the courtyard.
If you are on trendiness overload, walk a few blocks in any direction and you will be satisfied: Amoeba Records, The Beauty Bar, and music venues The Box and The Palladium are nearby.

What Comes Around Goes Around
An offshoot from its New York based central store, What Comes Around Goes Around provides Space 15 Twenty with the eclectic, one-of-a-kind feel that mass-produced Urban may lack. Aged and distressed wooden floors, weathered leather suitcases, and antique light fixtures give the store a luxuriously rich feel, and provide the perfect backdrop for the vintage and vintage-inspired clothing. Expect to pay much more than at your local Buffalo Exchange, but when you buy a pair of buttery-leather boots that you MUST wear out of the store, it’s worth it.

What Goes around Comes Around

What Goes around Comes Around

Ignore the moody chicks with over-sized sunglasses who haven’t eaten in a few days and head over to the Snackbar for a satisfying lunch. With everything on the menu under $14 you will feel better about the leather boots you just bought. There’s a great selection of warm, toasty pressed sandwiches, and other “snack foods” made into meals. Best of all, when waiting to get your eat on, you can nibble on a cinnamon glazed popcorn while people watching- and trust me, there is some good people watching.

1520 N Cahuenga Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028

Eastern Hemisphere – Cuban Food

I believe that if you’ve never tried Mexican-style grilled corn, your life is not complete. My boyfriend believes that no life is complete without a Cuban sandwich. Luckily two of my favorite restaurants have both, and they’re amazing. I love going for Cuban when I’m tired of the usual Mexican food dish. A popular favorite in Nolita is Café Habana, which is really more of Mexican-Cuban fusion fare. It’s cramped and hard to get a table, but the wait is usually not too terrible and is definitely worth it. For brunch I love the Huevos a la Mexicana, and for dinner you have to, of course, get the Cuban sandwich and grilled corn. I highly recommend their cheap brunch.
17 Prince St., New York, NY


Cubana Café is a very similar cafe in SoHo that’s a perfect stop after a long day of wandering around and/or shopping– especially if you’re in town on vacation. Their grilled corn is even better then Cafe Habana’s, their Cuban sandwich is a good, simple take without trying to add anything fancy (duck Cuban? Please, no.) But what I love most is a simple side dish – Whipped Sweet Plantain Puree. I can best describe this as being close to banana pudding, but it’s not quite as sweet and goes well with all of their dishes on the side. It’s just plain heaven and I think about it all the time!
110 Thompson St., New York, NY

Eastern Hemisphere – Overlooked New York Museums

Two often overlooked museums in NY happen to be really fantastic places to visit, with minimal crowds. First up is The American Folk Art Museum. Situated next door to the MoMA, the art is not only fascinating and wonderful – making you question what exactly constitutes as art and who is considered an artist, but the museum itself is a work of art.

I love the tall skinny building that makes such amazing use of the space they had to build. It’s free from 5:30-7:30 on Fridays, the same time as MoMA, but with a lot less of a crowd to maneuver. But their general admission price of $9 is completely worth it if you can’t make it on a Friday night. Do not miss the Shaker pieces, and of course, Henry Darger.

Folk Art

The Morgan Library is a gorgeous building with an interesting mix of old and modern, and there’s always a wonderful show going on. Their illuminated manuscripts are breath taking, and I’ve been captivated at shows like Philip Guston: Works on Paper, Illuminating the Medieval Hunt (an amazing show of an old manuscript on medieval hunting), and Drawing Babar. Fridays are free from 7-9pm. Close by is Manhattan’s Little India, so be sure to grab some delicious food afterwards.


Stockholm – The Must List

Three things you should buy when you’re in Stockholm.

Coffee – my preference is the Zoega Skånerost or Mollbergs blandning

Crisp bread – Vikabröd is always reliable and they now have a new delicatessen crisp bread exquisitely packed.
And something sweet – punchrulle from Delicato

Must eat & drink

All year round – and especially on a Thursday – you should eat pea soup with mustard, and to drink a small glass of warm punsch (a traditional liqueur in Sweden, but this is the only time you warm it) and for dessert pancakes with lingon berry jam, mmm…

Packing List

A few things you should bring with you to Stockholm this time of year.

  • Sunglasses – if you’re lucky the sun is shining and this time of year it is very sharp.
  • Wool underwear – stockings, warm socks, ti-shirts and a good pair of walking boots.
  • At the moment the krona is a little weak, but otherwise Stockholm is considered a rather pricey town so bring enough money!


Gondolen is the place to go for a drink – be there a little before the crowd and you might get a seat to
enjoy the spectacular views of Stockholm.



If you feel like a good cup of coffee, Tvålpalatset is a small bar with a good barista.


At Chaikhana tea house in Gamla Stan they care about their teas and serve them together with scones or
very tasty snippets of sandwiches. A beautiful place in a beautiful part of the city.






There are lots of special little shops spread over Stockholm, but at
Södermalm you’ll find them amass.




Afroart on Hornsgatan.
Hornsgatan isn’t the prettiest street in Stockholm, but it’s well
worth a walk as it’s got a nice mix of shops, one of them being Afro Art with beautiful and special crafts from all over the world. Here you’ll also find the best applied arts galleries in Stockholm – my favourite being Konsthantverkarna, located just around the corner at Södermalms torg.


Afro Art

Afro Art

Grandpa, shop on Södermannagatan in Sofo.
Stroll around Sofo – don’t miss the great selection of clothes at Sara Clausin on Bondegatan.


Café String in on Bondegatan, Sofo.

Cafe String

Cafe String

Iris Hantverk
For modern swedish craft, visit Iris Hantverk on Kungsgatan
and Svensk Slöjd on Nybrogatan. More traditional crafts can be found in Svensk Hemslöjd on Sveavägen.


Iris Hantverk

Iris Hantverk

Svensk Hemslöjd
Outside town

Svensk Hemslojd

Svensk Hemslojd

Manos design and crafts shop on Överjärva Gård, Solna.
I couldn’t do a Stockholm guide without mentioning my contribution to
the city – my shop manos is situated a 20 minutes train and walk away from the city centre. The shop offers a handpicked selection of things I love – much of it is handmade, recycled and very special. manos is located in the green house adjacent to my workshop at Överjärva
which in itself is a lovely place to visit with a café, farm
animals and several other shops.

Manos Interior

Manos Interior