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Eastern Hemisphere- Dia Beacon

Only a little over an hour away by train, Dia: Beacon is the perfect day trip to escape the city and see not only amazing art, but see it in the most beautiful setting.  It’s located along the Hudson River in the little town of Beacon, NY, and is a very short walk from the Beacon Metro North stop.

The sprawling building was once a carton making and printing plant, but was renovated in 2003 to the gorgeous, loft-like space that it is now. Huge glass windows and skylights let sunlight pour in and show views of the nature around the building, exposed brick and pipes add to the loft-look. I have to admit that I could be looking at almost any art in the building and just be in awe of the space itself. But luckily you get to see modern art by the likes of Richard Serra, Louise Bourgeois, Donald Judd, Andy Warhol, Gerhard Richter and so many more.

I recommend packing a lunch and eating at the picnic tables on the museum grounds, and breathe in that sweet, less-polluted air. If the farmers market outside the train station is open, you must stop in for a very small, but yummy selection of food.
A round trip ticket to Beacon + museum admission is $27.75 through the MTA.

Photos by William Steinman

Cleveland, Ohio

Thank you so much Karin for showing has around Stockholm last week. We are stopping off in Cleveland, Ohio with Stephanie from Even Cleveland who has discovered some fantastic places to see if you are passing through this find Ohio City.



Meet Stephanie:

My name is Stephanie Madewell and I am a freelance writer and maker of things. I was a liberal arts omnivore in college, and now I work on creative projects great and small – everything from custom invitations to theatrical sets to copywriting. For the past nine years, I have lived in the city of Cleveland with my red-headed husband the urban planner and my friendly yellow dog, Nora.


Eastern Hemisphere – Cuban Food

I believe that if you’ve never tried Mexican-style grilled corn, your life is not complete. My boyfriend believes that no life is complete without a Cuban sandwich. Luckily two of my favorite restaurants have both, and they’re amazing. I love going for Cuban when I’m tired of the usual Mexican food dish. A popular favorite in Nolita is Café Habana, which is really more of Mexican-Cuban fusion fare. It’s cramped and hard to get a table, but the wait is usually not too terrible and is definitely worth it. For brunch I love the Huevos a la Mexicana, and for dinner you have to, of course, get the Cuban sandwich and grilled corn. I highly recommend their cheap brunch.
17 Prince St., New York, NY


Cubana Café is a very similar cafe in SoHo that’s a perfect stop after a long day of wandering around and/or shopping– especially if you’re in town on vacation. Their grilled corn is even better then Cafe Habana’s, their Cuban sandwich is a good, simple take without trying to add anything fancy (duck Cuban? Please, no.) But what I love most is a simple side dish – Whipped Sweet Plantain Puree. I can best describe this as being close to banana pudding, but it’s not quite as sweet and goes well with all of their dishes on the side. It’s just plain heaven and I think about it all the time!
110 Thompson St., New York, NY

Overnight Bags

With some airlines charging to check baggage, and the pure pain of
dealing with baggage claim in general, I am a huge fan of packing
light! I own one suitcase that has not left New York with me since I
moved, because I am a true believer in a big huge overnight bag and
maybe a big purse or backpack to carry on with me. Even if I got on
week-long trips, I can fit all my crap in them. I find that most of
the time bringing extra stuff NEVER gets used, and it ends up being
more of a hassle in the end.

So I bring you some of my favorite overnight bags I’ve rounded up.
I’ve also had some cheap options from good old Target, but can’t seem
to find any of them online. There’s also everyone’s favorite, Orla
Kiely, but that’s a bit more money and you’ve all seen those, I’m

Asos Three Zip Leather Holdall

Dwell Studio Charlotte Weekender

Filson Tin Cloth Small Duffle

Vintage Grey Leather Overnight Bag

Matt and Nat Vegan Bag

Steven Alan Port Tote


Eastern Hemisphere – Chinese New Year Lunar Parade

For today’s post I thought I’d share some photos from one of my
favorite NYC events – the Chinese New Years Parade in Manhattan’s
Chinatown, that we went to today. I love spending the afternoon
watching all the great costumes, dragons, adorable little kids doing
martial arts, and eating Chinese pastries (hello coconut bread and
custard bun-induced stomach aches). The weather was amazing today (a
balmy 45!) so it was a wonderful day.





Eastern Hemisphere – Why you should head to Queens today!

This weekend I thought I’d focus on an often over looked awesome part of NY: Queens, and two reasons to head to the fabulous borough (I hope to bring you more eventually). It’s the most culturally diverse part of New York, and the most diverse parts of America. I love it for it’s little pockets of cultural neighborhoods, and it’s laid-back more residential feel.

P.S 1

P.S 1

The first reason to go to Queens is the absolute best museum in NYC: PS1 Contemporary Art Center. An affiliate of MoMA, PS1 is housed in an old school building and has about 3 floors of amazing contemporary art. I’ve never seen a bad show here before, there’s always something amazing. In the summertime they host a concert series, Warm Up, with lots of music and dancing. In the Fall and Winter you can experience one of James Turrell’s permanent “skyspace” installations (swoon), Meeting.
22-25 Jackson Ave at the intersection of 46th Ave
Long Island City, NY 11101
(718) 784-2084

Bonus: While you’re in the area, it’s hard to miss the giant graffiti-covered building across the street, Five Pointz. A commercial factory building almost entirely covered in graffiti, it’s free for anyone to paint (with prior approval and direction from the coordinator there), and you can spend an eternity walking around looking at it all.

Eastern Hemisphere – Affordable French

If someone were to force me to decide what my favorite type of food was, I’d have to say French. Fortunately New York is not lacking in that genre of good eats, but unfortunately they’re not always the most wallet-friendly. I love splurging on a nice restaurant every once in a while, but my family instilled a great sense of thriftiness in me when it comes to food. Luckily my two favorite French restaurants have options to splurge a little, or take it down a notch but still have a nice meal.

First, a restaurant I covered in Truant’s debut issue – but is totally worth mentioning again – is Zucco. It’s impossibly tiny, but don’t let it’s size fool you: this French diner has some of the best food I’ve had in the LES. You can go simple and cheap with sandwiches on baguettes (the Le Poulet de Belleville: chicken, goat cheese, and ratatouille is perfection) or try something fancier like the mouth-watering salmon, and don’t forget a little glass of wine from their all-French list. The very French owner, Zucco, adds to the charm of this adorable diner so sit at the bar if you can to witness his one-man show waiter skills and serious charm.

188 Orchard St

Ny, ny

Zucco Restaurant

Zucco Restaurant

Moto is easy to miss. Hidden underneath the J train, dark windows and a black door with the name written small, you could walk by it a million times and not notice it. But once you open the door you’re transported to world so different than what’s outside on Broadway, on the south side of Williamsburg. Not quite as small as Zucco, but still not the largest space, the decor is rustic and ancient. I’ve never had a bad meal here. The ribs, mac & cheese, risotto, and best of all – the paninis – are amazing. If you’re on a budget, go for the paninis. If you’re waistline isn’t on a budget, try the mashed potatoes and finish your meal with the grilled donuts. You will die happy.

394 Broadway
Brooklyn, NY

Moto Restaurant

Moto Restaurant

Eastern Hemisphere – Souvenir Spots

When people come to visit me in New York, I try to think of the most unique places to take them to, especially stores to bring something back with them, because we all know souvenirs are often the best part of vacations!



While New York has a lot of antique stores, nothing has come close to the incredibly unique, and often eerie finds you’ll come across at Obscura Antiques on 10th St in the East Village. Full of things that may haunt you later on or make the perfect addition to your mantle, I guarantee you cannot leave this store without saying, “whoa”. On my last visit I came across jars of real teeth from an ancient dentist’s office, taxidermy animals of all sizes, and lesser creepy things like old milk crates, figurines,
and photos. It’s worth a visit just for it’s museum-like feel.

Evolution Store

Evolution Store

A similar store that I love is Evolution on Spring St in Soho. A self described “natural history collectible” store, Evolution’s shelves and glass cases are lined with full skeletons, bones, shells, bugs, gems, antlers, and everything in between. I love their collection of posters, coral, and their excellent gifts – especially if you know any young kids who would get a kick out of things like insect lollipops and fossils.

Obscura Antiques: 280 East 10th Street
Evolution: 120 Spring Street

Eastern Hemisphere – SANDWICHES

I was hard to decide where on earth to start, so I went with a crowd pleaser: sandwiches. Not just any sandwich, but Vietnamese sandwiches. I’d never had one until I moved here, but once I tried them it became a summer weekend tradition for my boyfriend and I to walk to Chinatown and eat them for lunch.

What the Vietnamese sandwich consists of is meat- which can be pork (the classic option, usually comes with a few different kinds), chicken, or a vegetarian option if one is available – like mushrooms or fake meat – mayo, sliced cucumbers, pickled carrots, cilantro, and hot peppers – all stuffed in a toasted baguette. Besides being delicious, they are so, so cheap.

I live in the Lower East Side, and I have three favorite places that are near me, in order of how much I love them:



  1. Banh Mi Saigon Bakery is a tiny shop hidden behind a jewelry-store front that you may not even notice unless you went inside. This is my favorite place simply because it is the most delicious. Roughly $4 for a sandwich the size of my forearm.
    138 Mott St., nr. Grand St.
  2. Nicky’s Vietnamese Sandwiches is a fantastic place because it’s two blocks from my apartment, the people who work there are super friendly, and (best part) they deliver. They also have a Brooklyn location, but I haven’t been. $5
    150 E. 2nd St., nr. Ave. A
  3. Viet-Nam Banh Mi So 1 was the first Vietnamese sandwich I ever had, back when I was a vegetarian. I love this place because of it’s vegetarian options: amazing fake chicken (I recommend the curry flavor), or just veggies if you’re not into faux-meat. If you’re a meat eater, the real meat is good as well, but you can walk right down the street to Bánh Mì Saigon for a better sandwich. Bonus is that they sell Stewart’s soda, which I’m a sucker for. $5
    150 E. 2nd St., nr. Ave. A

Weekend Contributor – Eastern Hemisphere

Hello everyone!

Kate here, you may know me from my blog FOR ME, FOR YOU.  I’m really excited to start blogging every weekend here at Truant, bringing you a little bit of everything about the Eastern Hemisphere.

But, I will admit that most of what I’ll focus on is the greatest place on earth: New York City. I’ve lived here for a handful of years now and if you’ve ever been or lived here, you know that it would take an endless amount of time to tell about all of it’s great treasures. I’ll share with you some of my favorite places, and then some great travel products that I may stumble upon.

Kate Miss

Kate Miss