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Eastern Hemisphere- Dia Beacon

Only a little over an hour away by train, Dia: Beacon is the perfect day trip to escape the city and see not only amazing art, but see it in the most beautiful setting.  It’s located along the Hudson River in the little town of Beacon, NY, and is a very short walk from the Beacon Metro North stop.

The sprawling building was once a carton making and printing plant, but was renovated in 2003 to the gorgeous, loft-like space that it is now. Huge glass windows and skylights let sunlight pour in and show views of the nature around the building, exposed brick and pipes add to the loft-look. I have to admit that I could be looking at almost any art in the building and just be in awe of the space itself. But luckily you get to see modern art by the likes of Richard Serra, Louise Bourgeois, Donald Judd, Andy Warhol, Gerhard Richter and so many more.

I recommend packing a lunch and eating at the picnic tables on the museum grounds, and breathe in that sweet, less-polluted air. If the farmers market outside the train station is open, you must stop in for a very small, but yummy selection of food.
A round trip ticket to Beacon + museum admission is $27.75 through the MTA.

Photos by William Steinman

Eastern Hemisphere – Cuban Food

I believe that if you’ve never tried Mexican-style grilled corn, your life is not complete. My boyfriend believes that no life is complete without a Cuban sandwich. Luckily two of my favorite restaurants have both, and they’re amazing. I love going for Cuban when I’m tired of the usual Mexican food dish. A popular favorite in Nolita is Café Habana, which is really more of Mexican-Cuban fusion fare. It’s cramped and hard to get a table, but the wait is usually not too terrible and is definitely worth it. For brunch I love the Huevos a la Mexicana, and for dinner you have to, of course, get the Cuban sandwich and grilled corn. I highly recommend their cheap brunch.
17 Prince St., New York, NY


Cubana Café is a very similar cafe in SoHo that’s a perfect stop after a long day of wandering around and/or shopping– especially if you’re in town on vacation. Their grilled corn is even better then Cafe Habana’s, their Cuban sandwich is a good, simple take without trying to add anything fancy (duck Cuban? Please, no.) But what I love most is a simple side dish – Whipped Sweet Plantain Puree. I can best describe this as being close to banana pudding, but it’s not quite as sweet and goes well with all of their dishes on the side. It’s just plain heaven and I think about it all the time!
110 Thompson St., New York, NY

Eastern Hemisphere – Overlooked New York Museums

Two often overlooked museums in NY happen to be really fantastic places to visit, with minimal crowds. First up is The American Folk Art Museum. Situated next door to the MoMA, the art is not only fascinating and wonderful – making you question what exactly constitutes as art and who is considered an artist, but the museum itself is a work of art.

I love the tall skinny building that makes such amazing use of the space they had to build. It’s free from 5:30-7:30 on Fridays, the same time as MoMA, but with a lot less of a crowd to maneuver. But their general admission price of $9 is completely worth it if you can’t make it on a Friday night. Do not miss the Shaker pieces, and of course, Henry Darger.

Folk Art

The Morgan Library is a gorgeous building with an interesting mix of old and modern, and there’s always a wonderful show going on. Their illuminated manuscripts are breath taking, and I’ve been captivated at shows like Philip Guston: Works on Paper, Illuminating the Medieval Hunt (an amazing show of an old manuscript on medieval hunting), and Drawing Babar. Fridays are free from 7-9pm. Close by is Manhattan’s Little India, so be sure to grab some delicious food afterwards.


New York City Edition

Hi Everybody,

Remember you can still order the New York edition of Truant Magazine. It is a great resource if you plan on traveling to New York or live in the area. Also We are actively working on the Portland edition so if you live in Oregon or know anyone who does please send us an e-mail.




New York City – Must Read

Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Truman Capote
Anything by F. Scott Fitzgerald
Here is New York by EB White
Eloise by Kay Thompson
The house of Mirth by Edith Wharton
Fortress of Solitude by Jonathan Lethem
The Death and Life of Great American Cities by Jane Jacobs
Slaves of New York by Tama Janowitz




New York City


Thé Adoré

A little refuge from the bustle of Union Square, Thé Adoré has a French Country style by way of Japan sensibility and a wide variety of teas, savory snacks and sweets.

 A weathered staircase leads to a rustic, peaceful tearoom punctuated by simple farm tables and chairs. Upstairs, you can order a pot of tea and an impossibly adorable tart and while the afternoon away by the big picture window. The staff is known for being a little particular (they will insist on serving certain teas without milk and don’t even try to ask for jam with your brioche!) but always friendly and they’ll let you stay for hours.

Or, if it’s a nice day, grab a snack to go and take a stroll through near-by Washington Square Park.

Afternoon tea and tart by the window at Thé Adoré.

Afternoon tea and tart by the window at Thé Adoré.





If you’re into cocktails but bored with vodka sodas maybe a Masala Hot Toddy, with tamarind syrup and garam masala rum or a Waylon, a concoction of smoked coke syrup and bourbon is more your speed. I like a little adventure in my mixed drinks and Tailor never disappoints. Cocktails are made artfully with incredible attention to detail: my Crumble (brown butter rum, clove and Poiré) was poured into a glass punctuated by one large perfectly square ice cube. You can splurge on dinner upstairs if you like, or fill up on gourmet corn dogs and porkbelly with miso and butterscotch, like we did.

Oh, and the sweet, salty and spicy popcorn, served in modern white vessels, is totally addictive. We went through three bowls.

525 Broome St (between Sullivan St and Thompson St)

New York, NY 10014

(212) 334-5182

Subway: C,E to Spring Street

1 to Canal-Varick St

A, C, E to Canal-Church St.

Tailor’s warm, cavernous bar is the perfect post-shopping spot for a creative cocktail and snack.

Tailor’s warm, cavernous bar is the perfect post-shopping spot for a creative cocktail and snack.



New York City – Must Pack

This is the Northeast so check the weather before you go as it can be very unpredictable. I think light layers are a good way to go unless it’s deep summer and then I just wear sundresses every day.

Temperatures can swing 30 degrees up and down in a matter of days.
New Yorkers are more fashion-conscious than most other American cities so dress up a bit! No oversize t-shirts and shorts please! The cliché is that we only wear black here and it’s true that we wear more black than a lot of other Americans but color is fine too.
Wear comfortable but fashionable shoes like slouchy boots or cute flats as you will be walking a lot. Since you won’t be in a car much, also make sure to have a big bag. Tourist sites will tell you to wear a backpack but personally, I hink this makes you look like more of a tourist. I carry a big leather purse and stash a rolled up tote bag in my purse for impromptu shopping sprees.
For weekly events, pick up a copy of Time Out New York.

One more thing: New Yorkers aren’t rude, we’re just very busy and direct. We work long hours and don’t get a lot of time to ourselves. Since many of us live in tiny places, we tend to gather outside our homes a lot and run from work to gym to dinner to parties in one day without going home first. So what I am saying is, be nice. Most of the “rude” people I have encountered in Manhattan are actually tourists acting the way they think New Yorkers act.

Sunglass Options:

Marc Jacobs Tortoiseshell Sunglasses



Carrera Jet Aviator Sunglasses


Linda Farrow/ Sofia Kokosalaki Sunglasses


New York City



Fact and Fancy


Fact and Fancy is a gallery-cum-handmade boutique owned and curated by Etsians Danielle Maveal and Christine Domanic. With a mission to provide customers with accessible art and craft, Fact and Fancy is packed to the gills with beautiful ceramics, original art, accessories and housewares from artists such as Cakehouse, KnitKnit,  and Lush Bella. Though the space is mostly white and sparse to show off their fabulous wares, the handpainted, techno-color faux bois floor is a work of art in itself!

75B Hoyt St

Brooklyn, NY 11201

(347) 962-2979

A, C, G to Hoyt-Schermerhorn St.

2, 3 to Hoyt St.

F, G to Bergen St.

Unique housewares, accessories and original art abound at Brooklyn boutique Fact and Fancy.

Unique housewares, accessories and original art abound at Brooklyn boutique Fact and Fancy.


The Dressing Room

Where can you find super-cool clothing and accessories from emerging designers, a vintage clothing store and a cocktail lounge under one roof? Heaven? No, Lower East Side boutique, the Dressing Room!

The Dressing Room is a unique cooperative experience for their customers.The boutique offers a place for emerging fashion and accessories designers to create and showcase their collections, In addition to retail space, they also have use of the work studio on the lower level.

The goal of the Dressing Room is beyond commerce: the space is an opportunity for artists, designers and neighborhood locals to hang out and exchange ideas and inspiration. Check out their website for info on parties, movie screenings, shopping nights and more!

75a Orchard Street 

New York, NY. 10002


F, J, M, Z to Delancey-Essex St

B, D to Grand St.


Come for the fashion and stay for the cocktails at The Dressing Room!

Come for the fashion and stay for the cocktails at The Dressing Room!


New York City



 I live in Greenpoint, a Polish neighborhood populated with a large number of unremarkable Thai restaurants. Any of these place are fine if you’re hungry and broke, but if you want a truly delicious, quasi-religious dining experience, you’ve got to go to Queens. 

Almost everything is delicious at Sripraphai but I recommend you avoid the standard Thai take-out fare and stick to dishes like soft shell crab with green mango, fried red snapper with basil and chiles or their famous crispy watercress salad. Go with a big group, order family style and try a bit of everything. You will leave very full and very happy.

64-13 39th Ave (between 64th and 65th Sts, Woodside, Queens)

Woodside, Queens


Subway: 7 to 61st St- Woodside


The menu at Sripraphai is a small book!

The menu at Sripraphai is a small book!



Bouchon Bakery

One of the nice things about guest contributing to this blog is that I had an excuse to visit places I have always wanted to go to but never made the time for. I am a bit of a food blog addict and I know that Thomas Keller’s Bouchon Bakery rates very high with New York foodies so my friend Sarah and I trekked up to Columbus circle in the name of “research”. 

I don’t find myself getting excited about a mall very often but the delicious sweets are worth the trip. Keller excels at revved up versions of old favorites like Oreos, Nutter Butters and Ho-Hos. It’s hard to appreciate a good pastries in a mall though, so grab your sweets and walk across the street to Central Park where the ambiance is much, much better.

10 Columbus Circle

At 59th Street – Third Floor

(between Broadway & W Central Park)

New York, NY 10019

(212) 823-9366

1, A, C, B, D to 59th St-Columbus Circle

N, Q, R, W to 57th St-7th Ave

B, D, E to 7th Ave-53rd St.

Take your dessert and a cappuccino out for a walk to Central Park. This beautiful scene awaited us right across the street.

Take your dessert and a cappuccino out for a walk to Central Park. This beautiful scene awaited us right across the street.



New York City



 Cooper Hewitt Museum


Set in the gorgeous Carnegie Mansion, the modern, inspirational and extremely well-curated shows of the Cooper-Hewitt look almost surreal in their surroundings.  Recent exhibits have focused on table settings, “extreme” textiles, staircases, and the always-popular Design Triennial. I always appreciate their fresh approach to exhibiting design- an exhibit on fashion a few years ago was organized by color showed Victorian gowns next to John Gallianos.

The building itself is beautiful and in the warmer months, you can sit out on their back lawn and pretend you’re in an F. Scott Fitzgerald novel. Don’t miss the gift shop, a cut above most museum shops and filled with the best books, gifts and tabletop design. Admission is free on Tuesday evenings from 5 to 9 pm.

2 E 91st St

(between 5th Ave & Madison Ave)

New York, NY 10128

(212) 849-8300

4, 5, 6 to 86th St.


by Kayte Terry

A bicycle built for two hundred pounds of goods at the show Design for the Other 90%

The façade of the building was covered in flowers for the most recent Design Triennial.

The façade of the building was covered in flowers for the most recent Design Triennial.

Etsy Labs


You would probably have to be hiding under a rock to not know about Etsy but did you know that you can visit the Etsy Labs every Monday for Craft Night? On any given Monday at Craft Night you might learn how to block print your own gift wrap, make lip balm or create your own zine.

Or just show up with a project, hang out with some cool people and craft the night away. Can’t make it on a Monday night? The Church of Craft also hosts a crafty afternoon on Sunday from 2 pm to 6pm.

325 Gold Street, 3rd Floor (between Flatbush Ave and Johnson St)

Brooklyn NY, 11201

M, R to Lawrence St.

A, C, F to Jay St.

2, 3 to Hoyt St.


Learn how to make anything and everything at the Etsy Labs.

Learn how to make anything and everything at the Etsy Labs.

Roosevelt Island Tramway

There’s something very surreal about riding a tram over the East River, but with one swipe of your Metrocard, you can do just that. In a city filled with transportation options, The Roosevelt Island Tram is definitely the most interesting and the views can’t be beat! Soaring over the city streets, the Queensboro Bridge and the river, the city skyline looks almost unreal and miniature. If you have time, take a tour around with the Roosevelt Island Historical Walk and learn a little bit of the history of this strange and tiny island.

Tram Plaza, 60th Street and 2nd Avenue

New York, NY  

(212) 832-4543

N, R, W to Lexington Ave-59th St.

4, 5, 6 to Broadway-59th St.

Even a drizzly winter day can’t eclipse the sights from the Roosevelt Island Tram.

Even a drizzly winter day can’t eclipse the sights from the Roosevelt Island Tram.






Proteus Gowanus
Down an alley off Nevins Street, just across the Gowanus River, there is a golden arm hanging above a door that leads you into one of the coolest galleries in Brooklyn. Proteus Gowanus is an interdisciplinary gallery and reading room, a collaborative project that exhibits art, artifacts and books (or a combination of all three!) that revolve around an annual theme.

This year, the theme is MEND, a concept that, according to the collective, can run from “mending a piece of fabric to solving global problems…at a time when ‘fixing things’, from the mundane to the profound, can seem increasingly out of reach.”
The reading room is a quiet comfortable place for paging through their amazing collection of art books plus rare and used books for sale.

543 Union Street
Brooklyn NY

R to Union St.
F/G to Carrol St.